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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Can you have it all?

This afternoon I sent my letter off intending my return to work. Leading up to this has been a bit of a challenge. I've had days where I don't want to go back to work at all and others where I feel like I can do it, and have it all. I've spent lots of late nights pouring over my calculator and hastily adding up numbers, trying to reach some sort of solution.

I played with working 3 days but then realised I would only have about £100 spare every month after bills. Then I thought I could work 4 days with having to accept a 20% pay cut. Plus, it's more than likely I would end up working that day anyway and not getting paid for it.

So I have reached my final decision, to go back full-time but with a very strict working schedule.
My mornings will consist of 3 early mornings, in at 7.30am and two late mornings, arriving at 8am. This allows me sufficient time to organise my day, get resources together and print any planning I need that day. Two of these early mornings will fall on an early home time, so I am not burning the candle at both ends (to which I am famous for), and the other early morning being a Friday. There is always so much admin to do on a Friday (certificates, learner of the week etc).
My late mornings will correspond to my late nights...
I'm only going to work late (6/7pm) two nights a week (including staff meeting) and to sign out of work emails after 6pm. Two of the other evenings I am going to be out the door by 4.30 with the last emails being checked at 5pm, and on a Friday, leave at 3:45pm after setting up for Monday morning.
I am also going to have a working lunch 3 times a week so I can catch up on marking from that morning. The other two lunchtimes I will be going to the staff room (after setting up for the afternoon) and enjoying some adult conversation!

So far this seems like a fool-proof plan. But of course, there are going to be times where I have to stay late on extra days, such as; parents evenings, Christmas play etc. Times on the early days may be altered depending on data and reports too.

My aim is to not work on the weekend at all and instead, book some family days out and make the most of my weekends. This might seem a bit 'over the top' planning wise, but I know if I write this all down, then I am better at sticking with it. It allows me to prioritise my jobs instead of doing everything. In the past I have stayed up way past midnight laminating phonic cards, maths numbers, word mats....and for what reason?!

I didn't have the best start to my teaching career due to an awful school placement and course leader which completely destroyed my confidence. I almost gave up my idea of becoming a primary school teacher altogether. 5 years in and I have built up a good career and deserve to give it a shot.

Now that I have finally made this decision, I feel really at peace with myself. I am going back to work on Monday 23rd July, to which I am only working three days then it's the summer holidays!

I hope I can pull this off and really 'have it all'. 

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