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Monday, 2 April 2018

Dear Norah

My darling Norah, 

I cannot believe you are 15 weeks old today. These past weeks have been truly amazing. You have taught me so much already and everyday I learn something new about you. Your wonderment and amazement at the world is so innocent and captivating, I wish I could bottle it up forever. Your little personality is definitely beginning to shine and you are a little bundle of pure joy. 

I love that you find having your nappy changes hilarious - blowing raspberries on your tummy and hearing you laugh is the best sound. I love the fact that you have now discovered that you can hold your own hands and you spend ages staring at them, moving them around each other and chomping on them whenever you can. 

I also love how you have now discovered your toys, bashing them and stroking them to see what they feel like. You make me laugh by getting cross at them too! The way you frown and shout at them for not doing what you want them to do is something to behold! 

My darling I just know you’re going to love books as much as me. You enjoy listening to stories and love looking at the pictures. Your favourite music is Ed Sheeran and you love ‘wind the bobbin up’, ‘row row’ and ‘horsey horsey’ nursery rhymes. 

You are desperate to walk, even though you are still so small. I think you may skip crawling and go straight to walking when the time comes! Daddy and I have to wrestle you just to sit on our laps to feed you your milk as you love to wriggle! Your new trick is to wriggle yourself around your play mat to reach your toys! 

Our darling Norah, we couldn’t imagine life without you. Everyday you bring us joy and so much happiness. We love you unconditionally and know that you love us too 💖 

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