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Monday, 11 December 2017

Maternity Leave

I can't believe I am 38 weeks pregnant.

The last few weeks have whizzed by and I am now enjoying my first day of maternity leave. I had a lovely last week at work, complete with a surprise baby shower.
I am really proud of myself that I was able to work up until 38 weeks, despite running around after 30 four and five year olds! It was very surreal handing everything over on Friday to my maternity cover. My laptop and iPad are my life whilst working and to not have those things sitting in the office over the weekend was such a strange feeling.
We had our 38 week midwife appointment today and everything is ticking along very well! I'm measuring exact, iron levels are now back up to 'normal' and baby's heartbeat is strong and steady. It is a waiting game now, but I am determined to make the most of these last few days or few weeks before the little one makes her appearance.

"The average weight of a baby at 38 weeks of pregnancy is about 3kg (6.8lb), and the average length is about 49.8cm - about as long as a leek" 

Days until due date: 12 days

The bump: definitely 'out there' and has definitely dropped.

Stretch marks: I haven't been able to get away from them in recent weeks, I have some 'mummy lines' on the sides of my waist. However, I am still sticking to my strict routine of applying belly butter twice a day.

Cravings: Still no cravings as such, but I have been enjoying drinking hot chocolate to help me drift off to sleep.

Sleep: This is becoming more and more difficult! Before going to sleep I have to arrange a pile of pillows in a certain formation and during the night I am waking up due to feeling uncomfortable.

Best moment of the week: Starting my maternity leave!

Worst moment of the week: Accepting the fact that I have to 'let go' of my wonderful class.

Miss anything? As the festive season gets closer and closer, I am developing a real hankering for a Bailey's coffee! Once the baby has arrived, that is to be my celebratory drink!

Maternity Clothes: As I'm getting bigger by the day, my maternity clothes are becoming tighter and tighter. I have adopted some of James' jogging bottoms and baggy tops to wear as PJs!

Belly button: It is now completely flat - much to my amusement!

Mood: Now I am relaxing, I can feel the stresses of daily life drifting away - it's safe to say I am feeling pretty content!

Looking forward to: Catching up with family and friends this week! 


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