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Sunday, 24 September 2017

My week 24, 25 and 26 pregnancy update

“Your baby now weighs around 2 lbs and is 36 cms long. Their eyes will start to open this week and they will begin practising making breathing movements. Your baby will start to respond more to noises and can hear you and your partner chatting away.”

I cant believe how time is flying by now since going back to work after the holidays. How was my last update three weeks ago?!

How far along: 27+1 today 

Days until due date: 90 days

My bump: After a rocky start with coming to terms with my changing shape, I have turned a corner and I am fully embracing my baby bump! In recent weeks I have definitely popped out and my bump feels really hard and firm now. Some days I feel very neat and compact, and others I feel very heavy. I am still putting on my own shoes though! 

Weight changes: My pre-pregnancy weight was 9.5 stone and the last time I weighed myself I had put on a stone, but it is mainly bump and boobs! Although, I have noticed my thighs have gotten bigger. I am still very active, my job helps with this too as I am constantly on my feet!   

Stretch marks? No – still religiously using Palmers body oil, Bio Oil and plenty of body butters. I will have to do a separate post on these! 

Cravings: I am really enjoying having a hot chocolate in the evenings now before bedtime, but I think this is down to the darker nights and everything is feeling wonderfully Autumnal now. 

Sleep: No major issues with sleep yet – I am sleeping like a baby! It helps that my boyfriend rolls me over if I do end up sleeping on my back. A couple of times I have accidentally woken up on my back and it is a bit achy for the rest of the day, but soon eases. 

Symptoms: Recently I have felt really breathless when I’m talking which is completely normal during pregnancy but feels a bit odd when I have to pause and take a breath in the middle of a conversation! I'm also finding I lose track of what I am saying and I cant remember anything! Baby brain is definitely taking its toll! 

Best moment this week: Seeing our little baby wriggling around in my tummy. I can't wait to meet her! 

Worst moment this week: A couple of really stressful days at work - que the emotions! 

Miss anything? After this week at work I really fancied a Gin & Tonic. 

Maternity clothes: I have bought a couple of maternity bundles from ebay and kept some of the things that were nice. I have just ordered a few bits from jojomamanbebe though as I needed a nursing bra plus a few bits to wear when the weather turns colder. I found a lovely dress and a 4 way cardigan that can be changed into a jumper.   

Movement: Those small kicks/ ripples have developed into full on kicks now which can be seen! Especially when I'm applying my body butter before bed and she has a little wriggle! It's incredible to see.  

Belly button in/out: In but flat (definitely on its way out!)

Mood: Happy and energetic. Feeling a little apprehensive and nervous as I prepare to enter the third trimester. After such a lovely second trimester, I am worried that I am going to really struggle in the final trimester. I also know I will only be getting bigger and will probably have to start taking it easy - something I really struggle with as I like to keep busy. 

Looking forward to: Sorting out the final bits for the baby's room this week. 


Saturday, 2 September 2017

My week 22 and 23 week pregnancy update

“Your baby is the size of an aubergine and now nearly weighs a whole pound. Eyelashes and eyebrows are forming and the baby can now hear your voice, heartbeat, your circulating blood and even a gurgling hungry stomach!”

My bump: My bump is still growing and I feel it is starting to really protrude now and form that nice round, pregnant-belly shape. I feel I have reached the stage where people look at me and realise I am pregnant rather than just a bit bloated! I hope anyway…

Stretch marks? No, not yet. 

Cravings: Nothing really – i'm finding I can't manage big meals at the moment so I am eating little and often and eating plenty of snacks. 

Sleep: My friend gave me an all-round bump pillow that goes underneath you with two cushions either side. That combined with a pillow in-between my legs and I am 'sleeping like a baby'.

Symptoms: Nothing new but my mood has seemed to have taken a turn for the more positive. I can also sense my belly button is on its way out. It has gone almost flat and weird-looking…it freaks me out a little if I’m honest! The sooner it pops the better. Oh and I am also having really vivid, crazy dreams at the moment which is apparently closely linked with pregnancy.

Best moment this week: Enjoying the last few days of the summer holidays before being back at work next week. The sunshine has come out and I am feeling so relaxed. My hypnobirthing book and CD have arrived and I'm really looking forward to listening/ reading about it all! 

Worst moment this week: Getting bumped in my car by a distracted driver whilst I was driving at the weekend. Baby and I are fine but it really shook me up and upset me for the rest of the day.

Miss anything? Not really.

Maternity clothes: Yes I have well and truly embraced the maternity clothes now. After spending a lot of money on bigger sized clothes during the past few weeks, only to return them a couple of days later, I have won a couple of maternity bundle auctions on Ebay. I can't wait to try it all on once it arrives. Bigger sizes is ok if it looks ok on you however, it just made me look bigger than I am and the shape/ cut just didn't suit me or do me any justice! I am pretty sure this is why my self-confidence took a dip around 20- 21 weeks. 

Movement: The baby is definitely beginning to form a pattern of movement, it tends to be at night, in the morning and around lunchtime. The ripples or swirling movements have developed into a definite 'kick' too! James has also been able to feel her move which is amazing. 

Belly button in/out: In (but weird)

Mood: Happy and relaxed and enjoying this stage in my pregnancy where I am starting to show but still very able to walk around and enjoy light exercise. 

Looking forward to: My midwife appointment on Monday and getting back into a routine once starting back at work. 
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